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So, what are the 5 Steps?

Step 1                                                                                 Know yourself

Personality Profile

       Are you an introvert or extrovert?  Why does that matter?

       Take the Typefinder Personality Test™ and receive your 10 page result report.

       Understand your Myers Briggs™ 4-letter code.

Personal Values Profile

        Discover how your personal values influence your career decisions.


Step 2                                                                                 Know your environment

People Environments

        With what types of people do you work best? Discover your Holland Code™.

Work Environments

        In what type of environment do you thrive? Take the Career Surveyor Test™


Step 3                                                                                  Know the job market

Career Paths

       Explore your top interest areas from your Career Surveyor™ results.

        Investigate careers that match your interest profile. 

Career Trends

       Understand emerging career trends. 

       Find which of your preferred careers has the highest earning

                and growth potential.


Step 4                                                                                  Know your budget

Salary considerations

       Discover the unequal earning power of common majors.

The dangers of student loans

         How much can you afford to borrow?

          Apply the 2/3 formula for student debt.


Step 5                                                                                  Know your options

Choosing the right major

         Should you go broad or narrow?  When should you decide?

Choosing the right school

         Is a traditional 4-year college the best option for you?

         What are the benefits of community college?

         Is there value in certification programs?

         Have you considered a gap year?

How to start early and finish on time

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