Prepare your students for the future with  5 Major Steps.

Are you a school headmaster or counselor who already has your hands full with more than you can handle?  You want to prepare your students to make wise choices in college but with class schedules, paperwork, testing, and all the daily distractions from your job it seems like a distant dream. Let us help you get your students excited about the possibilities that await them after graduation...and understand what's at stake. We would love to partner with your school with our effective and easy-to-implement career and college planning program that will help you acheive all your goals!

45-minute seminar that helps equip parents to guide their student through the career and college selection process

Live all day workshop that takes students through the entire program

Video based curriculum with workbook, career testing, group projects and interactive classroom activities

Design your own program that meets the need of your school

Special pricing for schools and groups

Testing is done through The cost of the two tests (included in price!) is $58 per student.


Students will receive...



  • A professional Personality Test based on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, with a personalized 10-page report and lifetime access to results for student and teacher.

  • A scientifically validated Career Interest Assessment with links to jobs that fit their personal profile in the Occupational Outlook Handbook (+ teacher access to results)

  • Five weeks of video content (20-30 min a week/5 weeks) Can be watched as a class or as homework.

  • Workbook to accompany assignments.

  • Access to member's only section of the 5 Major Steps website containing additional resources

  • 2 classroom experiences; The Party Games (based on Holland Code) and The Game of Life After College (learn how much life costs in the real world!)
  • A follow-up program administered by 5 Major Steps that includes incentives to continue the process!

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