"What are you going to be when you grow up?" It's a fun question to answer when you are 5 years old, but ask any 17 year old and they will likely run the other way. The question of life after high school has gotten harder in recent years; with an endless array of options, delayed maturity in our teens, and the exorbitant cost of college, the path is not as clear as it used to be. A well-planned gap year could be just what students need to help them slow down, develop their values, invest in serving others, and chart a course for their future. The rising popularity of Christian gap year programs in the United States mirrors the growing interest among the members of what researchers are calling Generation Z. More and more parents are realizing the value of investing in their teen's spiritual and emotional growth before they head off to college, or a career. In the first guide of this type LeAnn Gregory explains, •Why students feel lost and confused when they think about their future•The changes in society that have led our teens to be rich in information but poor in life experience•How a gap year builds confidence and direction in students as they gain real life experience •The essential components of a life-changing gap year •How to select from the growing number Christian gap year programs or design your own experienceIn addition, she answers the most common questions parents ask when considering gap year programs for their teens,•Will taking a Gap year make it hard for a student to go back to school and study again?•What about applying to college?•Will a student get “behind” by taking a gap year?•How will a gap year affect financial aid?•Will a gap year affect a student’s eligibility for scholarships?•Do gap year programs offer college credit?•Isn’t travel dangerous?•How will we pay for a gap year?If the idea of a gap year is new to you, or something you have been researching for some time, LeAnn will help you decide if it is the right choice for your student.

The Gap Year Guide