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The Gap Year Guide answers your questions about faith-based gap year programs.


What are the benefits of a gap year between high school and college?

Will my teen return and go to college?

Will we lose scholarship money?

What do admissions offices think of gap years?

How much does it cost?

What types of programs are out there?

What people are saying

"I had no idea that my daughter could earn college credit during a gap year!  I was worried she would be behind by taking part in a program before college, but now I see that she can continue to earn credit and have a unique growth experience before entering a 4 year program"

" We never realized how many great programs are out there, or how many different types of faith-based programs there were for our  daughter to choose from."

"It was great to hear from students who had participated in the various programs highlighted in the guide!"


About the author

In 2016 my daughter became interested in taking a gap year between high school and college. We didn't know much about the concept other than knowing it was a popular idea in Europe. I began researching various options and asking lots of questions.


After 25  years in campus ministry, the benefits of taking a year between high school and college to invest in personal growth were obvious to me.  I had seen too many students enter college unprepared for the life decisions they were making.  They were changing their major multiple times, amassing paralyzing debt and finding their faith challenged in ways they never imagined.  

I was so encouraged by the amazing programs I found that I wanted to create a resource for parents who had the same questions we did. While there are a decent number of books and websites indexing secular programs (many of which are excellent), there wasn't a guide to Christian gap year programs. These programs are unique in their focus and style.  Some are academic in nature, others more experience-based.  Some include extensive travel, others are primarily stateside.  But they all have in common a focus on encouraging and building students in their faith and providing opportunities to serve others.  

I hope you will get a copy for yourself and pass one on to the youth pastor at your church. More students need to know about these amazing, faith-stretching opportunities. 

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