The truth about college...

of all college students will change their major before they graduate


of college freshmen think they will earn their degree in four years


of students will not finish college even after six years



is the additionl cost* of one extra year at a four-year public university

*in tution, fees, books, living expenses, plus lost wages

The most overlooked means of lowering college costs
is helping students graduate on time!

What parents are saying about 5 Major Steps

THANK YOU!  My daughter LOVED the class!  She says she "has a plan!" and she is so encouraged!  She can't wait to share everything with her father and I.  Her future was an area of stress with her.  I am glad she is relieved.  I recommend this class to everyone!  - Parent of 11th grade student

 The 5 Major Steps workshop was great! Let me say that EVERY high school student should attend. It not only helps with planning for the future, but also helps parents save money on college.   - Parent of 10th grade student










What students are saying about 5 Major Steps

The 5 Major Steps workshop helped me better understand my personality and interests to lead me toward a more successfull academic future. I now know how to use my high school years to prepare me for college in ways I hadn't considered before.  -8th grade student



I LOVED the personality and career assessments!  The results led me to careers I had never considered before and fit my personality perfectly!  -11th grade student

A college education will likely be one of the biggest investments you will ever make.

Our workshops are designed to  help your student beat the odds.

Identify strengths and skills

 Choose the right major the first time

Track emerging career trends

Know educational options

Avoid college debt

Create a college action plan


5 Major Steps 

Helping high school students make wise and informed decisions about their future.

College and Career Prep