Live workshops

Engaging, interactive workshops that will guide your high school student through each of the 5 Major Steps.

Jump start your student's college experience at a live event!

Let's face it, planning for success in college - and beyond - is at the bottom of most high school students' to-do list.  Our workshops are designed to engage even the most reluctant teen, actively involving them in one of the most important decisions they will ever make.

At each of our workshops students will...

Create a personal profile identifying their temperament, Myers Briggs personality type, transferable skills, primary fields of interest, and preferred work environment.

Discover which career fields are best suited to their personal profile results, gain realistic salary expectations and learn how to track emerging career trends in the current job market.

Learn how to choose the right college for their desired major, budget and career goals...and get some great tips on how to pay for it!

Leave with a personalized plan detailing their next steps toward a successful future!

We are booking Fall 2021-Spring 2022  workshops now!  Contact us for more information about bringing 5 Major Steps to your area. 
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