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What We Offer

Host a 1 day workshop to help both parents and students make wise and informed decisions about the future through career testing, goal setting and college planning.

If you are searching for a career and college planning curriculum for your co-op or school we have several option that are designed to fit your specific needs and situation.

Have LeAnn come speak to your Youth Group, Homeschool co-op or Conference on the topic of career planning in high school, choosing a college major, or the benefits of gap year programs

Why 5 Major Steps?

 Hi! I'm LeAnn Gregory creator of the Five Major Steps Program. I have spent the last 25 years mentoring college students with the campus ministry CRU. I have met some amazing kids, but I have also noticed an alarming trend. Many students are changing their college major with astonishing frequency and, as a result, amassing paralyzing debt. In fact, a few of these students ended up living in our basement because they couldn't afford an apartment after making their student loan payments each month!


I knew there had to be a way to better prepare students, before they came to college, to make wise and informed decisions about their future. So, I set out to write a program that would help teens better understand themselves, their career options, job market trends, and the financial realities of a college education.


Having teens of my own who are headed to college made me even more motivated to research the causes and solutions to the problem I saw in higher education.  I learned that 75% of college students change their major (some up to 3 times) and as a result, only 19% of students nationwide graduate college in 4 years, most take 6 (if they graduate at all). This is costing families an extra $25,000-$80,000.  With four-year degrees already over $100,000 at most public colleges, this is simply not realistic for most middle-class families.  


I have taught my 5 Major Steps Program to teens in live1 day workshops, in online group classes, and to schools.  I also equip parents to lead their students through the 5 Steps and on to a successful future. Whether you have kids in private school, public school or homeschool,  I want to help you be your student's best guidance counselor!

Let's work together!

Would you like to see how 5 Major Steps could help your students?  I would love to contact you personally to answer any questions and help you decide if my program would work for you! Tell me a little about yourself and your group/school and I will contact you with more information.

Thanks! I will contact you personally this week!

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