LeAnn Gregory has mentored college students for 25 years with the campus ministry CRU.  Noticing that students were changing their college major with astonishing frequency and that many were amassing paralyzing debt, she set out to write a program that would better prepare high school students for the challenges that awaited them in college.  The goal of the 5 steps program is to actively engage teens with an interactive curriculum that encourages them to better understand themselves, their career options, job market trends, and the financial realities of higher education. With these foundations in place, students are equipped to maximize their college investment. 


What is the best age for a high school student to go through the course?  The sooner the better!  In fact, the earlier a student completes the course, the more time he/she will have to learn more about their fields of interest through job shadowing, internships and summer opportunities.  

What does the cost of the program cover?  The program costs $149 and includes 6 hours of interactive material designed to engage today's high school student,  the Typefinder™ personality test ($29 value), a 10 page report detailing the results of the Typefinder™ (including Myers Briggs™ code), The Career Surveyor™ test ($29 value), personalized advice on choosing a career path based on Career Surveyor™ results, and  access to "members only" student resources at 5 Major steps.com.

Is there a discount for siblings?  Yes!  If you have more than one high school student attending the workshop, the second student will receive a 25% discount.  

Can parents attend the live workshop with their student? Yes!  Parents are welcome to attend all sessions, but particualarly encouraged to attend Step 4 and 5 where we discuss financial considerations, college selection and next steps.  

How does the online class work?  The curriculum is available as a self-study course, but our most popular option allows students to work through the material as a group during a 5 week period. Students complete each step on their own during the week and have access to a private facebook group for questions and accountability. 

How do I bring 5 Major Steps to my area?  Contact us about scheduling a workshop in your area.  As the organizer of the event you will receive free tuition for one student ($149 value)!  

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